The main objective of CFA is to raise funding for poor rural students under the care of CHOICE Cambodia. They cannot afford to attend Universities or undertake Apprenticeships in Phnom Penh without the support of this program called "CHOICE Project 365". It costs between USD$2500-$3000 per year per student for rent and accommodation, Uni & Language fees, books, food, transport, a live in female manager, and more. Please ask interested people to create a regular direct debit to our account, no matter how small every dollar helps. We greatly appreciate all donations and publish names and amounts for  transparency  reasons.
NAB Acc/No: 846471420
BSB: 085-910
Branch: John Street, Salisbury South Australia.
The following list provides names of individuals or organizations that are sponsoring the students:
Emma Turner: donates $20 per fortnight towards the education of Tak KimHong, now a second year med student in Phnom Penh. Emma has been donating since the 24/07/2014.
Breanna Mann: is a co-ordinator of "CHOICE P365" and in September 2014 has raised and donated $5000. Breanna does regular fundraisers during the year and was a co-founder of P365.
Julie Munn from Geelong gave a donation of $557.70 on the 7/11/2014.
The Students Community from LaTrobe University Melbourne gave a donation of $4,000 on the 24/10/2014.
Faye Colenso from Geelong is donating $10 every month from the 3/10/2014.
Marie Trewhella is donating $10 per fortnight from the 2/10/2014.
E I Lange is donating $40 per month from the 1/10/2014
Welington Secondry College  donated $1,500 16/12/2014
Francis Cervetto donating  $20 per month from 19/12/2014
On the 2/4/2015 Sue & Ian Apted (Geelong AUSTRALIA ) donated AUD 300.00 many thanks.
On the 2/4/2015 Brenna Mann "P365" raised and donated AU$576.01 many thanks.
On the 06/01/2016 PROJECT 365BRMANN raised and donated  AU $100O many thanks
On the 07'01'2016 PROJECT365BRMANN raised and donated AU $1000 thank you
On the 18/01/2016 PROJECT365BRMANN raised and donated  AU$675 thank you
On  4th April 2016  Sue & Ian Apted from Geelong, AUD$300.00. many thank you
On 26/6/17  Rosenfeldt  donation of $50
On 30/6/17 Rosenfeldt  donation  of $100